Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Fleaquinox

Jupiter and Venus are in the West at dusk with Marz in the East. Blooms have come and gone. About a week ago I killed the first flea of the year off the cat. Fleacombing. Haven't seen one since November, 11. Last year was so dry and hot that the fleas and ticks took a real beating, though I had to quit taking Lucy on deercam runs by June because of deerticks. I hardly notice them since I usually wear rubber boots but she would come back with 10 or more climbing around her little Jack Russellness.
Fleacomb keeps the cat relatively flea-free, though I can tell when she's been outside near a hatch. You'll kill ten, then three, then one, then none for a while, then she will hit another hatch. I would never presume that I get them all but I certainly know the hot spots on a cat and can make them scarce.
Anyway, let the flea games begin!

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