Monday, April 16, 2012

1971 Hasselblad

When I was just in junior college, with no clue what I might want to do or how to do it, I bumped into photography. A friend of mine from a year ahead said I would love journalism. I did, but when I took a little photo class from Charles Sowders over in the Pirtle Technology center I was hooked. ust have been the spring of 1971. Sometime that fall my parents sprang for a new Hasselblad 500C with a normal lens and one back. I think I still have it, though I've owned a couple so this might just be a close relative. 41 years of square format. Hard to imagine.
Never gets used these days. I keep film around. The polaroid back still has some pack film in it. Extra backs and lenses. Every now and then I shop around on Ebay though there is no reason to add anything to the Domke bag it lives in. Guess I should get rid of it. Shooting film these days I want to use bigger film so it's all 5X7. Sure had a lot of fun and made some money with my sweet little 500CM.

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