Sunday, May 22, 2011

Printing out the end of the seasons paper.

Bristlecone Pine detail. 1999. 16X20.

Stone melting snowpack, Tenaya Lake, 1999. 16X20.

Hand and Bristilecone Pine, 1999. 16X20.

Halfdome, 2005. 11X14.

Chris Johnson in the White Mountains, California. This prints really well even though Chris was in a shadow. Holds up to dodging low tones. 11X14. Chris is going to be surprised to see this show up on his facebook page.

Snow, briar, owl feathers, 2011. Going to have another shot at this one tomorrow on some 16X20 Agfa Insignia F4. It's a thin negative. Normally I wouldn't bother with a thin neg, (old Xtol got me), but this was part the Greenbriar Lake work and I needed some snow photos. 11X14

At the Bristlecone Pines. 1999, White Mountains, California. 11X14.

20X24 gone, 16X20 gone, down to making post-card-feeling prints on 11X14. Finished the Greenbriar Lake work. Now just trying this negative and that and different filter combinations. Getting negs back in the right boxes and labeled as well. All images off 5X7 negatives. Allways fun in the darkroom. Using Ilford Multigrade and filters. Copying these right off the drying screens onto digital with a couple of lights set up. Easy.

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