Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the 20X24 Ilford Warmtone Multigrade for the year.

16X20s look like snapshots. This is a negative from 1998 that I have never pulled out before. I remember praying up the clouds. The shadow of North Dome is beginning to edge up on the face of Half Dome. Clouds to the West behind me took the light just after.

Nothing to this negative. I shot from on top of my 4-runner though it doesn't look high at all. Gorgeous late light and fast-moving clouds. Just burn the cloud hotspot and you are there. Next three negs...(two holders, both sides), aren't as dramatic. Close to my Pear tree.

Yosemite Valley after a light snow. Had to wait all day for them to open the road to the overlook. It was loaded with photographers. One guy even had a scanner for the back of his 4X5 view camera. Katie got to see a bunch of photographers working frantically. Shot this after sundown so the light would be smooth enough. Dodging down low and a little burning across the sky.

Pear Tree I have photographed since about 1992. This year a limb broke and fell just as it was blooming out. Touchy negative in an odd way. I waited on the light and shot just before the sun went off the blossoms. It was off the grass. Copy of a slightly different negative in a post below.

The famous Transcept from the North Rim. Every morning before dawn and evening at dusk I was on Bright Angel Point. Ferocious just had to move back a few feet out of it. This is evening. View metered perfect for normal film development with my Pentax spot meter, I just had to decide about filtration. Easy negative. Dodged the lower shadows and slightly burned the sky tilting to the right.

Long darkroom run today as the tapwater tops 80. My darkroom is going to be in perfect order just as printing ends for the year. Everything done. Just a pack of 16X20 and some 11X14 to go through. The 11X14 could make the summer in the refrigerator. Hope to be back in Monday.

Copied all the prints while they were on drying screens with Nikon 300 but used Nikkor 105 tele from my film camera.

All images for sale. Email.

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