Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime tap water.

Bright Angel Canyon the evening before on digital. Once the sun comes over the horizon, the contrast range explodes.

Point Imperial on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Too late for good light. Just fooling around.

99 degrees out of the "cold" side. Tyler has great water for photographic (and other) purposes, but does get hot in the summer. Photographic Water Equinox is about March 5, when it runs 68 degrees, (standard B&W processing temp) out of the cold side. Had to ice it a bit and save some tubs in labs central air. Also used the old indian trick of leaving the hot water heater off and using the stored cooled water. Runs about 78 for a bit.
50 sheets of HP5 5X7 hanging and drying. Now I gotta cool enough water to proof.

Using Xtol for about 8:30 in trays, eight sheets at a time in the dark. The pup finds those 8-minute runs very boring.

Was at Bright Angel Point with the Deardorff on tripod before daybreak last week and a little pre-dawn crowd built. Had to remind them that even if I had a big old wooden camera, I might not be an expert. I could just be a nut.

Update: I finished my pre-sunrise shot and made a negative just as the sun came up to process first and check for density. Looks ok, though the light really was changing fast!

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