Monday, June 28, 2010

100 degrees on the cold side.

The hot side is cooler because I don't have the water heater turned on. Water in the tank about 74 due to the A/C.

Blew through a 25 sheet pack of Ilford Multicgrade warmtone RC proofing 5X7 negs. Used Agfa warmtone developer. Gotta go back to Adorama and order a 100 sheet pack I guess. Fun proofing. My old Royalprint Chem is still good but all the paper shot. Guess I need to toss it all along with the little processor. It's on its last legs with the nylon gears missing a tooth here and there.

Update: Looking at proofs with a set of white "L" shaped cropping bars. Helps to isolate the image. Couple of nice photos in the group. You can always make a successful photo. Real magic quietly happens by some mechanism of its own. Got a couple of those.

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