Friday, March 30, 2018

Wisteria Tornadoes.

First a little Fotofest wrap-up.

With my art-dad, Man Ray at MFAH.

Mixing with installation art.

The swashbuckling Lottie Davies and my spare fake beard.

Home the first week:  Butler Creek grabs me by the throat.  This is the 10th view from this bridge and previous bridge of Dean Church road at Butler Creek.

Wisteria fighting knees.


Puzzle Twisters.

Mourning Dove Feathers.

  Then I had an idea about how to tweak my tornado form a bit while simplifying the lighting...

Five steps in...

Pyrocat HP5 Negative.


Was only proofing but I pulled out a box of Kodak Elite Fine Art paper, S surface.  25 years old.  Gotta be shot, right?  It has a little fog, but printed pretty dadgum good for paper that ought to be dead and gone.

  Moon Tornado on deck.  Perfect conditions tonight.  

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