Thursday, February 22, 2018



  After distractions by travel and feathers I put an old idea front and center.  I wanted a vortex in a bottle full of fish.  I'd worried about the fish.  I could buy them from a bait shop, no problem, but I didn't want to HARM any of them.  I know that the fishing/bait process leaves zero survivors, but I just couldn't bring myself to kill minnows.

  But, a fishnado didn't work.  My technique wouldn't spin the water with the added weight of the fish...and of course they swim upstream...

  So I switched to jars and glasses.

  Was standing in line a Whittaker's buying a bag of three dozen minnows.  I'd kept my foot firmly planted on the accelerator chasing images and was deep in thought about how I was handling the subject, lighting, thinking about what else was possible, et.  A guy in line started talking to me about the White Bass beginning to spawn, how many I would probably catch, if the rain might affect their biting, how good they would taste fried.  I couldn't have tracked less if he had been speaking Chinese.  I know I know what that is...  All of a sudden I realized, MOST folks buy minnows to FISH!  NOT for photography with a god-awful retrograde 8X10 and ridiculously big sheets of film!  My paradigm shifted without using the clutch.

  Such a strange life.

  The minnows go in a deep pool in the branch of the Blackfork that I live on.  I dump them in and they totally disappear.  So far, I've dumped two bags- 72 minnows in the creek.  I never see a one after they hit the water.  Everything is a mystery.  Just have to navigate anyway.

  Back in studio.  Had a new thought about a tornado image.  We'll see if it works.


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