Friday, October 30, 2015

PETFO: Rooms at the Painted Desert Inn

  On the first day we were in the park I got the staff to open up a couple of rooms in the old Fred Harvey Painted Desert Inn.  They looked like visitor rooms, not Harvey Girl staff rooms.  Fireplaces in both with connecting door to make a suite.  They were on the West side and I had shot exterior and then a few negatives in the morning, but late.  The light was just starting to slide into the rooms.

  Returned for a second round at an earlier hour.  Staff was happy to open things up.

Shooting in the two rooms at the top of the stairs.  Whole edifice has foundation problems and shifts on a clay bed.  Doors sticky.

French doors.  Nice.  Very custom rooms.  Too bad they aren't available.

Katie walked over from the casita.  She had missed my first session in the rooms.  Wanted her to see them.  She started iphoning like mad.  

120mm Super Angulon in front of a sheet of 5X7 backed up to the wall.

I got so focused I forgot to preview images on my iphone or make record.  Katie kept shooting.

I'd been over to explore all the rooms in the structure, looking for interior images and a place dark enough to load sheet film in the daytime.  Staff volunteer happy to help.  Turns out that I was in the most interesting rooms with the best light.

Waving iphones around.

Rattlesnake motif damper handle.

Wrapped.  Better set of photographs the second time.

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Old NFO said...

Beautiful pics Robert!