Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Building out the Blackfork Bestiary show for the OJAC in Albany.

  Much planning and curating has been done, plus two visits out to Albany to hammer out details.  Now pulling prints off a list and seeing what needs to be printed and what is in hand.  Most of it done.  Just Six big images to print.  Not bad for a 40 print show.  There will probably be some last minute adds and drops.  Still looking for an Armadillo.

  Today I measured and calculated for mats.  That's certainly enough to get you serious about nailing down a standard big print size.  I'm afraid that I have waffled around as the spirit moved me in the darkroom, going slightly larger and smaller on 20X24 paper.  No more of that.  Need to find the closest inch and stay with it.

  Too hot to print right now.    Have to hit it just after return from Petrified Forest in October.  November 1 is the delivery date for prints.  Opening Feb 27.

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