Monday, April 27, 2015

Current shows.

Toads on a glass.

The banner shot for a show in a San Diego gallery called The Studio Door.  The juror didn't pick it, but the gallery owner loved it.  Theme of the show is: "Once Upon a Time."

Fall Running Scissors.

This one also in show.  Fall Running Scissors.  Again, the juror didn't pick it, but the gallery owner over-ruled them and added it.  From Magic & Logic.

Double Nautilus and desert cup.

Roy Flukinger selected this for a show called "Black and White" in Colorado at the Center for Fine Art Photography.

  I don't apply to many shows for single image placement.  It's very expensive, (over 100.00 by the time you add up entry fee, shipping and return packing), and usually capriciously jurored. (I've NEVER gotten in a show at Stephen F. Austin University, with images that are in museum collections.)  I expect the fees make the rent at most galleries.  No problem with them making money......but.

  There are several still life shows open, but as far as I can tell, nobody knows anything about still life. 


A framed copy of this sold at a local auction benefitting stray dogs.  Glad to do my part.

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