Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homescapes: Photographs from within walking distance.

A way across the land:  Roads and walkways through Smith County.

Water crossing the road, Smith County.

Driveway at night.

Dean Church Road turns the corner.

Lake Road into the middle Butler Creek bottom.

Walter's Bluff Bridge on the Sabine.

13-Club Eastside drive.

Indian Creek.

The destinations:

Stu's bees.

Cedars swallowing a house.


Shuttered brothel window.

White Gate.

Chair on a wall.

Porch corner.

Plowed field.

Roadside shooting gallery.

Cedar Shadow sliding into treeline.

Cut forest.

Creek bottom spring brush.

Holly and clouds.

Great Horned Owl.

Water Oaks.

Following the water:

Butler Creek at Dean Church Road bridge.

13-Club Lake.

Cattle tank, Mt Sylvan.

Butler Creek from Dean Church Road Bridge.

Moon leaving a tree.

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