Sunday, September 22, 2013

Still working.

Working away.  Letting ideas evolve.  Tore down the shell and crockery and started stacking dice in half a cup.

Without studio lights on, just checking the base set-up.

On the ground glass with the light on.

Next one.  Got a little bit of work to do yet.  Gotta twist the dice.  Elevate the spoon at the balance point.  Add a couple of old coins.  Move the wishbone to the shadow.  Move the ivory button on the end of the spoon.  Might twist the spoon in a vise.  Clean up the bullet in the clothes pin angle so it reads a little better.  Just styling moves.  I shot two pieces of film and shouldn't have.  I can process it and look at my exposure.  It's two exposures, one for the flame and one for the rest of the image.  F45 which is at LEAST 64 in this case due to bellows extension.

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