Monday, April 1, 2013

Shiprock names.

  I've been wandering around Shiprock since the early 70s....last century.  2014, (if we live), will make 40 years of wandering in the desert.  Since then I have named various points and areas and used them and heard them used by others.  I think "Molly's Nipple" was about the first and the "Bone Shrine" the latest.  (It's a shrine.  With bones.  Found last year.)  There is the Dance Floor, the Meteorite, the Climber's Cave, Climber's Cave Ledge, the Black Giant, the White Tower, the Pulpit, the Dot, the Wing, the Big Hawaiian, the North Buttress, East, West and South Dikes, (more description than names)  I wonder what names others use?  For instance, the North Buttress is called the Tugboat in some climbers descriptions.  Gotta be some.

The Black Giant, a dark volcanic intrusion over the South Dike.

Deardorff in the Climber's Cave pointed at a little anasazi rockwork.

The Pulpit with evening shadow.

Deardorff pointed at the Dot.

Climber's Cave ledge.

Climber's Cave Ledge.

On the Pulpit.

Raven on the West Dike.

Unsolved problem.  Never managed to find a light or a viewpoint for these guys at the end of the West Dike.


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