Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flying with Sheet Film.

I had the TSA regs, but only Tarzan-level French.  I never got the film scanned by the US/TSA, (they were willing to swab it for explosives and be done), but three times by the French.  We will see how it held up.  Should be fine.  Almost everyone was curious about my 5X7 Deardorff folded up in the Zone VI case.  They have boring jobs and never see a terrorist so they have to make do with whatever comes along.

 Never loaded up my F64 pack.  Just used the little Zone VI.  Tight, but it held everything. Weather was a little sporty for a couple of days. Glad to have the gore-tex coat over my jacket.  Army heavy long underwear under those jeans.  30 year old pair of cheap rubber boots.  I was not the snappy dresser.

Mont Saint Michele, North shore.  Somehow lost the front cap for the 120 Angulon this morning.

 Chasing the shadow of the spire.

Construction scaffold perch.  I just waited for a moment when nobody was around and went over.  Great place to shoot from.  Very windy right around the corner.  You get that a lot at MStM.

Was up on this spot two afternoons in a row.  One afternoon just gave me 10 second glimpses.  The other afternoon I got to watch the shadow go all the way to the horizon.

 Morning shadow on the rising tide.  Tough no trail, to get to this perch, but pretty good once I made it.

 Up on the church plaza.  Japanese girls and the Deardorff.

  No problems with the camera.  It ran great and carried OK.  Mont Saint Michele is a tiny place, fairly vertical but flat around the bottom.  You can walk around it in about 20 minutes in a pair of rubber boots.  Gets a little muddy in a couple of spots.  

Gave away many Texas Commemorative Quarters to kids like this.  Folks don't see these cameras very often.  I didn't have any special access, just the normal tourist spots.  I'm on the 9 Euro abbye tour here.

Just missed this one by about 30 minutes.  Needed a little more shadow.  The place is like a sundial and the shadow rolls around it in the winter.  This is about 11:00.  That's the river going out to sea on the left.

  These are just iphone records of some shots I made, converted into black and white on the computer.  My camera lens, (120 Super Angulon on a 5X7), is a little wider.  Plus my 5X7 images are absolutely level.

The place is a rockwork miracle.

Watching the shadow go all the way to the horizon on this afternoon.

Just brief glimpses this afternoon.

Pilgrim, Shrine of St Aubrey.

Quite a brisk morning out.

Morning shadow was always a little impressionistic.  Tide was in every morning I was there, so it was shadow on water.  Plus some fog.  

Man-in-the-rock, MStM.

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