Sunday, July 22, 2012


Fuji GSW690.  Objects in this photo are larger than they appear.

  Still moving camera equipment around.  My 250mm, (10 inch), Commercial Ektar is on ebay.  It's replacement, a 250mm, (10 inch), wide-field Ektar is waiting on Monday and a little lens board cutting.  May have found the perfect lens for my 8X10.  Just trading up to get a little bigger image circle.  The new 250 wide field will NOT fit on a lens board for the 5X7.  Too bad, but I do have a 12 inch Commercial Ektar that does.  Won't lose much.  This lens is a slight wide angle on the 8X10.  I like it, so far.  Cut a board out of foam core to look through it on the Big Deardorff.

  Plans being laid for a trip to Shiprock in August after I return from the National Matches.  If the Lord lets me live, of course.

  Bought a Fuji GSW690.  That's a wide angled Japanese 120 film copy of a Leica.  Bought for photographing the morning and evening shadow of Shiprock from the crest over the climbers cave.  If I can't get my 5X7 up there, I will have this.  (8X10 not going.)  And its for snapshots of my dog, of course.  Run a couple rolls for tests and everything looks peachy.  Great looking 6X9 roll film negatives.  It was in Hong Kong, but they got it here chop chop.

8X10 with the new 250 Wide Field Ektar on a couple pieces of black foam core.

  Tap water all the way to 94 degrees.  Wow.

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