Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shiprock, West Face.

These are all digital files I shot while waiting on the light to change.  Pretty illuminating to look at them later on computer, bump up the contrast, spot out the birdlime, fuss around with the cropping.

None of them for exhibition, but for the work of it all.  I'll have a better eye puzzling out this wall next trip.

Part of a Shiprock series I shot one morning after sleeping up on a West face ledge.  Under a waterfall the night before.  Safe and dry and glad to be there.  Big lightning storm on the outside and howling rain.  Not a moment of discomfort, though the wind took my hat first thing before I got to cover.  As per usual at Shiprock, I expected a poltergeist to show, though none did.  That evening.

Canyon de Chelly.  Wall stripe sampling while Katie and I took the halfday tour.

Famous old spot I wanted to look at again.

Very complex and engrossing place.

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