Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weather and Temperature Changes.

Every season is different but seems like the light and the temperature have really taken a turn for the better the last month. The Photographers Equinox- when tap water runs 68 degrees, must be getting close.

Ordered a big old view camera box. Hard sided. Of Ebay today for next to nothing. Even cashed in some Ebay bucks to make it cheaper. I'm using a box older than I am for my 5X7 Deardorff now. This one older than that. Probably use it for 8X10 lenses and film holders.

Spent three days shooting the Texas State Rifle Association Service rifle Championship with digital and video....and an AR15. (Came out second by three points in an 800 point match with 100+ competitors). OK shooting. Now much work to be done on digital files.

Running deercams more frequently as the season gets closer. Those images over at Blackfork.

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