Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer's chair.

A flood took one and a thief took the other out of the side yard. Mostly they were used as perches for hunting Mockingbirds so birdlime was included with the booty for the thieves.
Katie replaced the chair with a plastic Chinese import off the stack at Brookshires grocery. 9.00. Not much, but you do have to go out and make that nine dollars.
It's been a visual feast on the green lawn of the side yard. In any light and any weather it seems to maintain it's presence. Even the eye flickering past will get a little visual candy-hit from the image. There are branches hanging off the big Pecan tree that I refuse to cut because of their visual interplay with the chair. Even walking in after dark you can sense it glowing. Quite a treat for the summer.

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d smith kaich jones said...

thank you for leaving the branches - they make all the difference.

(and ps - just a note. it's nearly impossible to leave a comment here. many of us on blogger can't leave comments on blogs with the embedded comment feature & are forced to log out, log back in, remember to uncheck a certain box, and then do the hokey pokey before the option to do so is granted. perhaps you could change embedded to pop up?)